What We Do

FCA works with leading institutional investors and investment consultants to understand their needs. We act as independent analysts looking at the investment industry from the perspective of an investor.

We identify and have established relationships with international investment managers exhibiting consistent returns, strong risk management, management integrity and depth, quality of support infrastructure, process and reporting transparency. We match
best of breed investment managers to premier clients. We ensure that investment ideas fit the profile of the investing institution as well as analyse the performance attributes of an investment for suitability.

FCA identifies emerging investment themes and trends, actively initiating new product development by investment managers to meet these trends.  

Where our existing relationships do not match client requirements, we seek out other sources of talent and skill for our investors. We pride ourselves on our ability to comprehensively understand the needs of institutional investors.

We provide effective and targeted support during the investment process.

We deliver local support in Australia in a fragmented and technically demanding space and of course we safeguard the confidentiality of relationships and information.

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